Escort of senior people

Managers, diplomats, presidents of organizations and their families, as well as celebrities are often more prone to threats. At VIP ACADEMY we provide Close Protection and VIP Security solutions to ensure that people are as safe and secure as possible.
We have High Security Security escorts, with significant experience providing executive protection. We deal with any environment in Greece and can be next to them in all your travel.
With discretion and respect for confidentiality, every situation is handled with proper social skills. We are well trained in all aspects of close protection and always ready to facilitate our customer's needs.
With continuous training we maintain the high level of our partners, so you can feel safe and secure at all times. By taking care of your own and / or your family's safety, we analyze any potential risks and vulnerabilities that may exist along with our client.

We provide protection solutions to:

  • Security escort (Bodyguard)
  • Child protection
  • Travel insurance
  • Home Security
Συνοδεία Υψηλών Προσώπων
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